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AUGUST, 2008

 Hunk o' Cheese

Monday cheese will be a little late this week, so in the meantime enjoy some cheesy YouTube goodness.

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 Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese

Brussels has many outdoor markets. Most communes will have a farmers' market weekly and some even more frequently. Every day of the week you can find several open somewhere in the city. They sell everything you'd imagine would come from a farm such as fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, seafood, cheese, bread, olives, flowers, etc. The larger markets also have a wide variety of clothing, plants, electronics and other goods, all at really good prices. And flea markets. There are no garage sales but lots of flea markets.

Back in May we ran across a small market at St. Lambert. There, a local goat farmer was selling milk and cheese. We bought a soft goat cheese with a bruschetta type coating. Wow, this was very fresh and tasty. They had about a dozen other cheeses like this, each with a different coating.

Much to my surprise they also had a blue goat cheese. This cheese was white in color and had so few blue spots that I almost missed it. The blue flavor was faint but still quite tasty. A cheese maker once told me that it was very difficult to make blue and non-blue cheese in the same facility, as they all tended to turn blue. This farmer didn't seem to have a problem though.

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