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JUNE 2008

JUNE, 2008

 Basiron Pesto 50+

Browsing through the neighborhood grocery store as I often do when in the need of food, I spotted a bright green cheese that looked like it had gone terribly wrong. Not wrong-right as in 4" mold hairs growing on it, but wrong-wrong as in toxic chemical reaction or an overdose of FD&C Green No. 3. Turns out it was pesto cheese. It's firm, easy to slice like cheddar, and really did taste like pesto. It would probably be great in a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato.

posted by KRASK  June 30, 2008 16:15  Monday Cheese  comments (2)

 New Music

The music section of the site is finally functional. Of note are two tracks, Music for Monorail and Music for Bubbleator.

Recently the citizens of Seattle attempted to create a mass transit system using elevated monorail technology. This idea was based on an existing and functioning monorail created for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. In existence for over 45 years, it is the only fully self-sufficient public transit system in the United States.

I thought that it would be interesting to have music from local artists playing on the monorail for people to enjoy, much like street performers play on subways in Paris. Rather than songs played randomly, music would be targeted for different times of day, months, and even seasons.

Music for Monorail was designed with the morning commuter in mind. Ideal for drinking double tall lattes to while cruising non-stop above the gridlock on the way to work.

Unfortunately bigger heads prevailed and the new monorail plan was killed.

Music for Bubbleator also came from this creative period. Originally it was intended for commuters to experience on an early Saturday or Sunday morning, but then I started thinking about other creations from the World's Fair.

There used to be something called the Bubbleator. It was a giant, clear ball elevator, which had a podium from which the operator stood and controlled the slow, steady, voyage up and down the single story. It held 150 people and was very futuristic. Since the Monorail music project was dead, I figured I would name this track after another dead method of transportation.

After all this I was surprised to find that a soundtrack had already been created for the Bubbleator! "Man In Space With Sounds" was conducted by Attilio Mineo and released in 1962.

posted by KRASK  June 29, 2008 13:33  Music  comments (0)

 Pas de Bleu

Welcome to my Monday Cheese series. There's a bit of a backlog, so I'll be posting several cheeses that have struck me as tasty, interesting, or unusual. I'm no cheese connoisseur, but I do like a good cheese.

The first cheese comes from Langhendries Maitre Fromager in downtown Brussels. Locally made by Hinkelspel, it's a soft blue cheese called Pas de Bleu.

This cheese really surprised me. It has a very strong taste, even for a blue, and quite a bite. The lingering aftertaste gets spicy toward the end. It's yellowish-white in color with discernable chunks of blue. This cheese, as all the ones Hinkelspel makes, is made from raw, organic cow's milk and is non-pastuerized. If there's a stronger blue cheese out there, I've yet to find it.

posted by KRASK  June 28, 2008 9:13  Monday Cheese  comments (0)

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