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Nanotube Speaker

Researchers in China have come up with a new type of loudspeaker using nanotubes. The most common speaker and the one most of us have at home uses a magnet to push a cone back and forth. The cone moves the air, and thus, creates sound. They've been making speakers like this for decades.

Nanotube speakers use a thin nanotube film that creates sound not by vibrating, but by quickly heating up and cooling down between room temperature and
80C (176F). This temperature oscillation causes the air to move, which makes the sound. The nanotube film itself stays still.

The really cool thing is the nanotube film is flexible and can be stretched into nearly any form with very little sound degradation. And unlike cone speakers, if there is a tear in the film it will continue to work. Anyone that's blown out a speaker can appreciate this. The researches say this speaker can reproduce sound in the full human audible range with high sound pressure levels and low distortion.

Read more about it here.

Thanks, Dad!

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