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Chèvre à Cerisier

I've written about Banon Chèvre before, but here's an unusual variation. Chèvre à Cerisier. It's a similar goat cheese, but rather than being wrapped in chestnut leaves,  it's wrapped in cherry leaves.

This comes from Madame Hisada, an affineur originally from Tokyo. She now lives in Paris where she runs one of her four stores. Cherry leaves are traditionally used in Japanese deserts, but not cheese. Indeed, cheese is not all that common in the traditional Japanese diet.

So how is the cheese? Excellent, and it really does taste of cherry!

If you get a chance, do visit her store and check out the futuristic cheese cooler. Press a button and voilà, the top rises to expose your selection. The Jetsons never had it this good.

posted by KRASK  September 23, 2010 16:59  Monday Cheese  comments (0)

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