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MARCH, 2010

 An Argument Against Straight Lines

No Straight LinesIf a lion is stalking you, or a shark is out to kill you, you are of course in mortal danger. We have lived with these dangers for millions of years. The straight line is a man made danger. There are so many lines, millions of lines, but only one of them is deadly and that is the straight line drawn with a ruler. The danger of a straight line cannot be compared with the danger of organic lines described by snakes, for instance. The straight line is completely alien to mankind, to life, to all creation.


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 The Word vs. Image

  1. An object is not so attached to its name that one cannot find for it another one which is more suitable.
  1. There are objects which can do without a name.
  1. A word sometimes serves only to designate itself.
  1. An object encounters its image, and objects encounters its name. It happens that the image and the name of this object encounter each other.
  1. Sometimes the name of an object occupies the place of an image.
  1. A word can take the place of an object in reality.
  1. An image can take the place of a word in a proposition.
  1. An object can suggest that there are other objects behind it.
  1. Everything tends to make one think that there is little relationship between an object and that which represents it.
  1. The words which serve to indicate two different objects do not show what may divide these objects from one another.
  1. In a painting the words are of the same substance as the images.
  1. One sees differently the images and the words in a painting.
  1. Any shape may replace the image of an object.
René Magritte
1-20 March, 1954

Note: The above was copied directly from a display at the Magrittte Museum in Brussels. The text was in English. I did not translate it from French as some have suggested. It's a fantastic museum and well worth the visit.

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 Black is Back

Black is Back

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 Everything you do is the same thing...

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 Street Art


I've seen a lot of beautiful street art lately. While roaming the streets in Amsterdam I came across this piece. Luckily, I found the author of this - C215. You can see more of his work here.

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